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Writing Services That Tell Your Story

To rise above the competition and win the career you deserve, you need the tools and strategy that communicate your brand, capture your value to employers and present you as the candidate of choice.

Resume, CV & Cover Letter Writing

Each document tells your story by focusing your strengths, results, unique differentiators to demonstrate why you are the right person for the job. Research shows that cover letters will impact the number of interview opportunities you receive. Two-thirds of hiring managers surveyed want to receive cover letters and make decisions based on this document. Great letters help you to stand out.

Other types of letters you may need for your search include:

  • Value Proposition Letters for Unadvertised Opportunities
  • Consulting Letters for Project or Interim Assignments
  • Information, Advice & Referral Letters for Networking
  • Keyword Response Letters for Job Postings
  • Search Firm (Recruiters) Letters
  • Interview Thank You & Follow-Up Letters

LinkedIn Profile Writing

Build an optimized profile that captures the attention of employers and recruiters. Learn how to move your career forward and use LinkedIn effectively for your search.

Critical Leadership Initiatives Document

Showcase your top 3-4 career-defining leadership initiatives in detail that are relevant to a particular employer and position yourself above the competition.

Networking Resume

Use a one-page networking resume for conversations with your contacts or to provide recruiters and employers with an initial snapshot of your background.

ROI Career Brief

An infographic-style one-page document for interviews that positions you are the best-fit candidate, featuring your career at a glance, unique ROI, leadership strengths, and successes.

Career Biographies

Often requested by recruiters, bios showcase your personal brand/value proposition and competitive advantage blended with your successful history.

References Dossier

This document guides interviewers to ask your professional references questions that emphasize your successes and fit.

4-step process to develop your career documents:

This document guides interviewers to ask your professional references questions that emphasize your successes and fit.

Step 1 – Initial Consultation & Strategy Development to discuss your career situation and goals. You will receive a quote for your investment based on your level of experience, complexity of your project, and other factors.

Step 2 – Custom Survey designed to uncover your success stories and identify your unique qualifications in preparation for our interview consultation.

Step 3 – Interview Session will crystallize all the information about your differentiating strengths, achievements, and value proposition.

Step 4 – Document Creation & Review of your documents to be in sync with your career goals and employers’ needs.

Your complete resume package includes:

  • Resume created in MS Word, Ascii/Text and PDF formats
  • Cover Letter
  • Thank you Letter Template
  • References Dossier
  • Job Search Guide
  • Interview Guide
  • Using LinkedIn for Your Job Search Guide
  • Networking Guide
  • Strategy session to get your search on track for success

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