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Your Career Success is My Mission

Client success stories are a common occurrence with our services because we don’t just focus on your career. We help you to understand your true talents, what’s most important in your work/life, and how it all fits with your goals. With our help, clients have landed jobs at leading brands that best meet their needs for the life they want.

Whether you’re seeking a new position, advancement, a more meaningful career or career alternative, our career discovery, resume writing, interview coaching, and job search coaching will help you to uncover your unique talents for landing the position you want—and deserve.

Review what our clients have said about their successful experience in working with us.

“During a difficult career transition, Louise was indispensable in helping me to meet my career goals. Her professionalism, expertise, and passion combined to produce the tools that allowed me to successfully meet my goals. Her skill at achieving the delicate balance of words necessary in today’s job market was unmatched. In just three weeks of job searching, I have achieved employment, thanks to the exceptional resume that Louise produced. Please accept my recommendation to utilize Louise as your career specialist of choice.”

  • Andrew M.

    Chief Executive Officer

“Louise, I have to share this comment from an executive recruiter who read my resume that you created. He said: “I have to tell you that I never look forward to reading resumes because, frankly, they are always boring. However, I was more than pleasantly surprised when I started to read your resume. I was instantly compelled to read it — all of it — something I never do. Your personality came through — not just the facts and figures. The writing is exceptional and helped me to understand who you are, what’s unique about you and what you offer — quickly. Something that I usually never clearly find in resumes I read. I’m happy to tell you that my search began and ended with this opportunity. It was a perfect match! Thank you for helping me open the door to this position.”

  • Jeremy S.

    Marketing Manager

“I’m writing to share my good news with you; I got a new job! I accepted a position with a pharmacy benefit management company. I applied for the position, had a total of two interviews, and they were extremely impressed with my resume and responses to their questions in the interviews. Not only did I land a new job with greater responsibilities, but I also negotiated a salary that is 40% more than what I currently make.”

  • Michael V.

    Information Technology Director

“I want to thank you for your guidance and exceptional resume you created for me; I could not have done it without you. I already have plans to advance in my career in nonprofit leadership, and I will definitely be using your coaching and resume services in the future. Thanks again Louise!”

  • Sarah M.

    Nonprofit Executive Director

“Thank you again for everything! I had several interviews over the past few months and was offered 4 positions. I accepted a division-level executive position last week. This is a $30K pay increase for me and another $10K sign-on bonus. I truly don’t believe I could have done it without your services and coaching. The resume got me in the door, and your coaching helped me navigate through some difficult interview questions (and there were many!). I will be sending referrals your way and, of course, you will hear from me again to update.”

  • Robert G.

    Division General Manager

“I’m truly grateful. Your personal touches are also appreciated – your memory for detail, your follow up and your personal warmth and support. I’ll let you know how my new career goes. Of course, you can count on me to send plenty of referrals your way.”

  • Terry J.

    Sr. Vice President, Human Resources

“Because of your efforts, I have become aware of my strengths, skills, and interests. I have also reached a better understanding of myself and the various options open to me that I never dreamed possible before. I am excited to be entering the next phase of my professional life, pursuing my new career in law.”

  • Dianne J.

    Chief Compliance Officer

“You may recall that you coached me last year in making a career change to sales. I just wanted to follow up and thank you for your excellent services. I found a position working in sales for a growing company in New York. It is a great place for me, and I can honestly say that I found it in no small part as a result of my sessions with you. I’m finally directed and on my way. Thank you again for all your help!”

  • Ian F.

    Sr. Vice President, Sales

“I can hardly believe it, the first resume I sent out that you created opened the door to an interview at my next level. It led to an offer at a significant jump in salary. You are OUTSTANDING! Everyone could benefit from your help! There just aren’t any words to say thank you adequately.”

  • Dennis M.

    Chief Finance Officer

“You told me that it was possible for me to find my dream job in the state where I want to live. I really didn’t believe it was possible for me. I just had to tap into what I love to do. You guided me through your process, and now I’m happy to report that you can add me to your success stories on both counts. There’s one more point to add, I’m at a higher salary than my last position. It’s a steal since I love what I do now – for the first time!”

  • Marlana T.

    Vice President of Sales

“Dear Louise: I’m so glad I found you in the Knock ‘em Dead books. I owe my results to you as I’d still be searching — and it has been 10 months since I lost my position. Based on your business knowledge and career coaching expertise, you helped me create the strategy I needed to find the best fit for me. Your resume and marketing letters gave me the competitive advantage to get my foot in the door, and your coaching in interviewing made all the difference in the results I achieved. Thank you again!”

  • Steven D.

    Chief Operating Officer

“I never dreamed that after 19 years in the same industry I could actually do something else. At the same time, my employer was downsizing, and my position was eliminated. I didn’t want a similar job with yet another insurance company. I didn’t think I had any other choice. However, Louise astutely pointed out skills and accomplishments I could apply to another career – one that I didn’t know was possible. She created a resume and cover letter, coached me through the job search and interview process, and I was hired out of numerous candidates who initially applied. I have a new life in many ways thanks to Louise’s expertise and sincere interest in helping me reach my new goal.”

  • Thomas S.

    Second VP – Field Financial Management

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