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This is, without question, a very stressful time for you. You’ve entered a job market that’s one of the toughest in history. And this means that …

  • even though you have excellent qualifications, the calls for interviews for jobs you want aren’t coming – or are far and few between
  • you’re not sure how to communicate your brand, identify concrete achievements that reveal your specific value to employers
  • you want to have the option to change industries because your industry has declined, but you don’t have any idea how to do it
  • you want to stand apart in a job market that’s becoming increasingly more competitive each day
  • you’re exhausting your financial resources with each passing month and can’t afford to be out of work much longer
  • you’re aware of the power of the Internet (Web 2.0) and social media for networking and making crucial job connections, but you’re totally overwhelmed by it or don’t know where to begin
  • you’re starting to second-guess your own marketability and lose confidence in the very qualifications that brought you this far in your career

Plus, the last time you were out there looking for a job it may have been a very different playing field, one without social media and other cutting-edge methods being used by savvy job searchers.

So that’s the situation you’re in…but where you are right now has many up sides that may be flying under your radar at the moment.

Shorten Your Job Search With Cutting-Edge Tools and Strategies

With the best resume, job search strategies and career coach, you are poised for success. When you have the knowledge, clear roadmap and today’s tactics that not only land interviews, but get you hired, you can shorten the length of your job search significantly.

Despite the tough job market in the past two years, my clients have been getting jobs faster. For example, one executive client (58 years old) won three job offers in just two months at his desired salary target in this economy, even though he was unemployed for 10 months and was changing industries as well as type of job. “Your resume made all the difference and without your coaching I would never have had the salary offers I received. Louise, I owe it all to you.”

To get results in your job search, it’s critical you have the right person in your corner, a mentor and seasoned expert who can create a compelling resume that serves as the base for everything you need in your job search (networking sound bites, interview messages, salary negotiations) and coach you to new levels of job search success and career satisfaction. You want the best.

Here are a few things you should know about me:

  • I’m one of only a handful of people in the world whose resumes have won prestigious awards, and my work is published in more than 30 resume and cover letter books internationally.
  • I was invited to serve on a select professional association committee that rigorously reviews and grants certification only to qualified professional resume writers.
  • I’ve helped thousands of frustrated job searchers to dramatically shorten this stressful time of job search and career transition to win the job of their choice at the salary they deserve. And I can do the same thing for you.
  • I specialize in getting to the heart of who you are and telling your unique story in a compelling manner on your resume. In fact, it’s this story that may be eluding you at the moment. My approach will bring it to the forefront so that you recognize and present your value to prospective employers to get the results you want.

Your Branded Resume is the Document of Your Life

Branding, marketing, positioning, visibility, your unique value proposition – these are all critical components of your future success that you can’t afford to leave to chance.

When you put your resume (and your job search) in my hands I take it seriously. It’s the document of your life, and I treat it that way by giving it my number one priority, meeting your deadlines and honoring your needs.

When you can showcase your expertise and unique personal brand in the best possible light, you’ll open doors that others can’t, gain access to hiring managers who were previously inaccessible, and be in charge of your career destiny. Isn’t that what’s missing in your search today?

If you’re ready to start right away, just click here to contact me.

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