Here’s the Challenge … Are You Prepared for the New World of Executive Job Search? Is Your Executive Resume Getting the Results You Want?

Personal branding, marketing, positioning, visibility, unique value proposition – these are all vital components of your future career success that you can’t afford to leave to chance. It’s a volatile market. The rules are constantly changing, and the competition is more intense than ever.

You need an executive resume, LinkedIn profile and other career documents custom designed for you that will place the spotlight on your career-defining achievements and strengths, and make YOU the obvious choice for the position you want… AND deserve.

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Do You Relate To One Or More Of These Career Situations?

  • You are not getting as many calls for interviews to C-suite/senior-level executive jobs as you think you should, even though you have excellent qualifications.
  • You want to stand apart from your competition in a fierce job market but you’re not sure what your brand is or how to communicate it or identify concrete achievements that reveal your specific and compelling value to employers.
  • You want to reposition your skills and have the option to change industries because your industry has declined, but you don’t have any idea how to do it.
  • You’re aware of the power of the Internet and social media for making crucial job connections, but you feel overwhelmed or don’t know where to begin.
  • You’re starting to second-guess your own marketability and lose confidence in the very qualifications that brought you this far in your career.
  • You want to make a shift from owning a business to working for another organization and have no idea how to make this transition happen.
  • You’re searching for board-level positions, but don’t have an executive resume tailored for these positions or know what strategies will help you land them.
  • You’re fortunate … you are retiring and want to continue contributing in an entirely new gig (paid or volunteer) but you’re just not sure what that could be.
Plus, the last time you were out there looking for a job it may have been a very different playing field, one without social media and other cutting-edge job-search tools and strategies being used by savvy executive job searchers today.

Shorten Your Executive Job Search

With the best executive resume, job-search strategies and career coaching, you are poised for success. With a clear roadmap and strategies to win interviews, you will shorten your job search.

To get results in your job search, it’s critical you have the right executive coach in your corner, an expert who can create a compelling resume showcasing your ROI as the base for everything you need in your job search (networking sound bites, interview messages, salary negotiations, and more) and coach you to new levels of job-search success and career satisfaction.

Despite the tough job market my clients have been getting jobs faster. For example, one executive client (58 years old) landed within two months at a higher salary, even though he was unemployed for several months and was changing industries.

“Working with Louise has been an eye opener about how much I didn’t know about executive job search. Her entire process from personal branding to career targeting and executive job-search strategies turned around my entire approach that I had been struggling with for more than 10 months. I landed my dream job at the compensation level I wanted within in just two months despite the heated competition. I would not have had three great offers without her!”